Inspired by the revolutionary 20's, the freedom of the 70's,
 the form, the silhouette, the body contour,
 feminine, glamorous and precious.

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STYLE A-1 "Foxy"
Pieces that naturally enhance a woman's beauty,
one of a kind craftsmanship with design innovation.

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe, symbol of intelligent,
sophisticated sex appeal.

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STYLE F-107 "Miss Noel"
Pieces of fairy-tale sensibility and artful adoration,
embellished to unveil hand-embroidered secrets.

Inspired by stories told one cold night
for the princess of the snow.

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STYLE F-105 "Elizabeth"
Pieces of ethereal aesthetic, for the purity of love,
for the simplicity of truth, and the celebration of innocence. 

Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor, Actress

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STYLE F-100  "Rich and beautiful"
Pieces of exclusive luxury and lifestyle.

Inspired by the nights, the lights, the glow,
the songs, and the celebrities of New York City.

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STYLE F-110 "K.Hepburn"
Pieces extraordinaire of impeccable tailoring,
design perfection with a twist to androgynous style.

Inspired by Katharine Hepburn, 
Actress of definition of style and exquisite performance.

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STYLE A-110 "Bejeweled"
Pieces Extraordinaire of timeless elegance.

Inspired by Josephine Baker, the adorned idol,
the virtuoso of life, the shiny dancer,
the allure of a brilliant Jewel.

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STYLE F-108 "Grace K."
Pieces Extraordinaire of prestigious eclecticism.

Inspired by Grace Kelly,
the legend, the beauty, the Royal.

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STYLE B-110 "Jackie"
Pieces Extraordinaire of exceptional character
in the shape of fabric
for the most celebrated moment of your life.

Inspired by Jackie O, 
the kind, the sensitive and unique.

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STYLE F-115   "Gilda"

Pieces Extraordinaire, handcrafted, precious and flamboyant.

Inspired by Rita Hayworth, Hollywood, the movies, the red carpet,
the catwalk, the show, the audience, the applause, the ovation.

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