Trademark licensing and fashion licensing are available. Christos Dovas New York wholesale provides a significant role for mutual growth. Department stores, specialty stores, boutiques may order several styles and create exclusive collections.
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Christos Dovas conceives and creates innovative designs with perfect execution; his deeply traditional experience, classical education, and focus on exploring the intimate relationship between the classical and the modern world are the hallmark of his stunning creations thus acquired the foundation for his passion to create innovative and classical designs crafted with a master’s attention to impeccable construction and precise design.

Often compared to sculptures and paintings, “Christos Dovas” designs naturally enhance a woman’s inner beauty. He combines elements of the modern and classical worlds viewed from different angles to reveal new aspects of her beauty. To feel amazing a woman must appear unique and at ease with herself. Christos Dovas takes great care to make this happen, never forgetting the importance of comfort and practicality. Inspired by the great philosophers from with his homeland, he respects and embraces that purity of form, function, and composition can harmoniously become one, bringing to life a world of imagination, beauty and luxury.

“To conceive and create innovative with perfect execution; resulting in designs that naturally enhance a woman’s beauty. The idea of perfect execution, a master’s attention to impeccable structure and precision construction will always be present in my work.” “My experience is built next to my father who was a custom shoe designer. I was fortunate to begin my apprenticeship with him at an early age. As a teenager I became more involved with fabrics and I found myself being creative on someone’s appeal. Conceiving and designing is always a challenge.”

“I realized that I needed to conceive of a product that would truly set my collection apart. I began by carefully examining the female figure and the market’s ideas on how to compliment it. “Gilda” the apotheosis of glamour! “Grace K” an artful piece made out of individually placed rhinestones! Each piece is custom made with the finest materials and embellishment and is bold and whimsical! My idea is to satisfy a woman’s need to be both sophisticated and lighthearted with a truly unique type of product. We proud ourselves to envision elaborately created pieces that are glamorous, luxurious, beautiful, made with attention to detail, exquisite quality and design. I combine elements of the modern and classical worlds to create pieces that when viewed from different angles reveal new aspects of their beauty like sculpture and painting.”

Kim says: “Christos Dovas is a gifted designer – one who understands the classical form of a woman’s body while delivering sensuous appeal; crafting luxurious items which are also accessible: the dynamic of luxe with edge which makes his styles so intoxicated to the female sensibility.”