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The “Victoria” creation features a wedding veil. A Regal wedding veil blending romance with elegance and splendor. The veil was the oldest part of the bridal ensemble since antiquity, a marker of aristocratic rank, social status and cultural identity. The wedding veil is an object of enormous sentimental value worn before the altar in the Royal Chapel marriage ceremony.
Inspired by Queen Victoria at her royal wedding, a celebration of love, publicized by pictures and press. Headpieces, brides wear as a high status symbol of innocence, purity and beauty. A fashion accessory, part of the bridal attire, for the most celebrated moment of your life. A romantic bride, has inspired us to create fairytale pieces, synonymous to elegant lifestyles that reflect splendor in exceptional details.
Handcrafted perfection, extraordinary detailed craftsmanship, qualities as texture, hand, feeling, are synonymous of signature of a distinctive style. This unique veil is a perfect bridal creation for your custom wedding. Handmade in New York and unique, hand stitched round shape hat covered with taffeta. Great deal of exquisite lace appliqué motifs onto tulle and embroidered lilies flowers, a symbol of innocence and purity. The veil, is 56″ wide and 80″ length. A lavishly decorated lace all around the veil while lilies cover everywhere in between, originally in white to highlight the delicate design. A bride’s choice longer veil length towards formality and tradition. Designing a custom bridal veil is a good option for those who know they want to wear a veil to match their dress. This creation has been designed by a wedding and evening wear designer, and can be customized for your one of a kind specific color palette choice, particular length, cut, finishing edges. Exceptional delicate style for majestic weddings from New York City to Palm Beach, Los Angeles, to Monaco and The Riviera. Our expert professional team designs and makes Bespoke creations from concept to last stitch.

Time of execution and ready to ship from New York will be in 2 months

Your Bespoke item is designed based on your style choice. The product you will receive will be “same but different” that makes it unique, one of a kind and only yours.
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