CHRISTOS DOVAS, fashion designer

"The atelier reflects the way I work and fulfills expectations, it speaks of its-own and creates the environment of a dreamland."

Each piece is custom made with the finest material and embellishments and evokes both boldness and whimsy to satisfy a woman’s need to be sophisticated and lighthearted.

 My philosophy is about beauty and timeless elegance.…with attention to detail, fluidity and flirtation of shapes and defined by expert craftsmanship and rich textures that are chic and feminine…..I am passionate about design, style and especially beauty…I am a dreamer, I want my designs to conjure up the imagery of sculptures, paintings and secret stories all through the medium of pencils and threads….to create beautiful designs for women and ultimately give them what they want…Innovative designs that naturally enhance a woman’s beauty…a designer who combines old world craftsmanship, refined tailoring, design innovation and a fairy-tale sensibility with a touch of modern.